More About Me

A Bit About Me

I can sit here and tell you I have strong negotiating skills, expert local market knowledge, years in the industry, offer concierge services, and so forth - and of course, I do - but I wanted to share that the most important tool I can provide is my passion.  I love the industry and I simply love houses and the people that make them homes. I love hearing their stories and what is motivating them to make a move.  Real estate is about property, but I believe it's essence lies with people. 

My business goes beyond the professionalism I can bring to the table, my years of knowledge about our local market and communities, and past number of sales I've made so far.  Instead, it prioritizes YOU.  What do you have to have in order to make this life transition?  I'd love to have a cup of coffee and a conversation with you about your real estate goals and make sure your next move is in the right direction.